GCU Lopes insider Paul Coro came on the podcast once again to talk about the big series happening at GCU Arena this weekend. The Lopes host Utah Valley with the WAC regular season title on the line for both schools. A sweep by either team means outright champions. A split means co-champions. Either way, it is a big series in the desert.

And it's a series that could determine the WAC Player of the Year as well. It's a battle of the two best big men in the WAC. UVU's Fardaws Aimaq is averaging a nation-best 15.4 rebounds per game. And GCU big man Asbjørn Midtgaard is shooting well over 70 percent from the field. Both lead the nation in those respective categories. 

The game could come down to the guard play. UVU features Jamison Overton and Trey Woodbury. GCU counters with Jovan Blacksher Jr. Or perhaps it will come down to the benches which are very similar in style, as well. 

Either way, it should be a fun weekend at GCU Arena. 

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Image courtesy GCU Athletics.



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